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8" Treated Spiral Sewn Buffing Wheel

6 inch treated spiral sewn buffing wheel
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Item Number: 158-Y

  • Diameter: 8"
  • Hole Size: 5/8"
  • Ply: 50

Enkay's Spiral Sewn Treated Buffing Wheels have a special chemical added to the cotton which gives them more aggressive cutting action allowing them to work faster than standard spiral sewn buffing wheels. The chemical treatment will also give these buffs a longer lifespan. These Treated buffing wheels would be used as a substitute for the Spiral Sewn buffing wheels in the first step of the polishing process. Unmounted Spiral Sewn Buffing Wheels should not exceed 3,600 RPM All Enkay Buffing Wheels must be used with polishing compound.

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